Welcome to my new site

After some time I decided to work on a new theme for the site and give it a new
and better look, hope you enjoy it.
“I love it when a plan comes together.”

Restyling 2.0

After doing Shampoo I decided to get back to work and change the old avatars to make them
more like the new style.
The reviews are divided into two groups, some requiring a few fixes, others will
be changed a lot or redone so that the list will be divided in following order:

Heavy Restyling/ redone:

Zapp Brannigann
City Hunter
Lady Oscar
Genzo Wakabayashi
Cobra Commander

Minor retouching:

Scooby Doo: slimmed bodies
Magical Emy: streamlined the body and remade the left arm
Optimus Prime: redone the legs
Scrooge McDuck: remade the shadows and redone the sideburns
Ryo Sanada: redesigned the chest
Lamù: retouched the legs and some shadows
Ranma: redone the arms and retouched the shadows of the bust
Little Meg: redone the bow tie, retouched the arms
Dastardly and Muttley: redone some shadows and colors
You Hazuki: retouched hand and collar
Lion-O: remade the shadows of the chest and arm
Michael: retouched shade and shape of the left arm
Sylvester: redone colors and shadows
Tweety: redone colors and shadows
Pchan: redone colors and shadows
Paperinik: changed the hair and retouched the colors
Gargamel: remade Azrael cat


After some time ago doing some avatar of Ranma 1/2 characters, I decided to also take
the character of Shampoo from that universe, I hope you like it.


After doing Inspector Zenigata some time ago, I decided to do another avatar taken
from the anime of Lupin III.
This time I did the main characters Jigen, Goemon and of course Lupin.

Darkwing Duck

New avatar starring “Double-O Duck” that is Darkwing Duck, the main character
of the spin-off of the Ducktales series.

Other minor tweaks:

– redone the coloring of the inner coat of Paperinik and redone the bust
– retouched the mouth and the shape of She-Ra’s face