Marshal BraveStarr

Avatar for the main character of the old Cartoon Bravestarr, Marshal Bravestaar.
This cartoon was the last one from the hystorical Filmation’s company that made
several of our childhood’s cartoons.

Nanako SOS

Latest requested avatar, this time is for my friend Postt.
He asked me to make an iconic anime character, Nanako from Nanako SOS in
her school uniform.

Updata Restyling 2.0

When i made the last restyling update i forgot to update some of the old avatars so
i also reworked them:

– Asterix and Obelix
– Seiya Sagitter
– Dragon’s Lair
– Gatsu
– Archangel Michael
– Captain Harlock
– Vegeta

Edward Elric

This avatar is for my friend Doppiomalto.
He wanted me to watch the anime Full Metal Alchemist, a great anime that i’ve
not seen yet. For now i make for him the main character for this manga, Edward Elric .

Hyuga Kojiro

First of the avatars dedicated to and requested by my friends.
This one is for Xabaras, huge fan of Juventus F.C.
He was very happy for the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to his team so i make
the avatar of Hyuga Kojiro from Captain Tsubasa. This character is perfect
also because in the manga he joins the Piemonte CLub thas was the Juventus Club.