He-Man Move List

He-Man Movelist

a e b weak and strong left punch
x e y weak and strong right punch

F+b grab number 1
F+y grab number 2

A+X draws and lays the sword

Start = Taunt ( 2 taunt without and with the sword, 4 taunt total)

Without Sword

D,F, a Low breeze
D,F, b High Breeze

D,B, a Low Earthquake
D,B, b High Earthquake

D,F, x Low Justice Punch
D,F, y High Justice Pucnh

D,F, a+b Grayskull Body Press SUPER L1

With the sword

D,F, a Low Sword Boomerang
D,F, b High Sword Boomerang

D,B, x Low Tornado
D,B, y High Tornado

D,F, x Low Fireball destroyer
D,F, y High Fireball destroyer

D,F, x+y Sword Of Power ( Mega Uppercut ) SUPER L1