Tex Willer

Tex Willer the greatest gunslinger of the old wild west.
This avatar is for my dad, a big fan of this old Italian comic.

Other minor tweaks:

– redone Claire’s face and some other minor fixes.
– changed Michael’s body and hair color.
– changed Magneto right arm and some fixes on chest and legs.

V for Vendetta

This avatar is about V for Vendetta, another great Novel from the greater Alan Moore.
This avatar has been in development for some time and it is ready to be released.

Trevor Belmont

One of my favorite video games series finally has a cartoon. I watched every episode
and at the end i decided to make an avatar of the main character Trevor, of the Belmon
Family with his iconic whip ready to face the evil force of Dracula.

Flash Gordon

After a little break I’m back with a new avatar.
This one is an old idea that I tried to make long ago but I put it on hold in
order to make another avatar first, now finally I release the avatar of an old
classic sci-fi icon: Flash Gordon.